February 27, 2024 at 11:00 p.m. (PT)
Poké Fair Scout ×15 (B)
February 27, 2024 at 11:00 p.m. - March 25, 2024 at 10:59 p.m.

In addition to the Sync Pair Scout ×15, you can get a Sync Pair of your choice from a selection of 26 Fair-Exclusive Sync Pairs from the Sinnoh, Unova, and Kalos regions!
5★-Select Poké Fair Scout ×15 (B) under way!

A one-time-only 5★-Select Poké Fair Scout ×15 (B) is under way!
This special Sync Pair Scout allows you to select an additional Sync Pair of your choice from the pool of 5★ Sync Pairs available in this Sync Pair Scout, which includes 26 Fair-Exclusive Sync Pairs, after using the Sync Pair Scout ×15.

26 Fair-Exclusive Sync Pairs Included in This Sync Pair Scout

  • Cynthia & Garchomp
  • Sygna Suit Cynthia & Kommo-o
  • N & Zekrom
  • Lysandre & Yveltal
  • Alder & Volcarona
  • Iris (Alt.) & Hydreigon
  • Diantha & Gardevoir
  • Ingo & Excadrill
  • Emmet & Archeops
  • Elesa (Classic) & Emolga
  • Lucas & Dialga
  • Sygna Suit Cyrus & Darkrai
  • Sygna Suit Dawn & Cresselia
  • Skyla (Anniversary 2022) & Tornadus
  • Sygna Suit Korrina & Marshadow
  • Sygna Suit Hilbert & Genesect
  • Sygna Suit Hilda & Victini
  • Sygna Suit N & Kyurem
  • Sygna Suit Diantha & Diancie
  • Sygna Suit Lysandre & Volcanion
  • Emma & Crobat
  • Palmer & Regigigas
  • Argenta & Skarmory
  • Akari & Samurott
  • Rei & Decidueye
  • Sygna Suit Roxie & Toxtricity


  • This sync pair scout can only be utilized once during the scout period.
  • The special Sync Pair can only be claimed for a limited time. It cannot be claimed after the scout period ends.
  • The pool of 5★ sync pairs is limited to 5★ sync pairs along with Fair-Exclusive Sync Pairs available in this sync pair scout.
  • There is a possibility that these Fair-Exclusive Sync Pairs will appear outside of this Poké Fair Scout in the future as well.
  • To check the available sync pairs in this sync pair scout and their respective offering rates, go to the Offering Rate section on the Sync Pair Scout screen.
  • Please read the Notes tab under Offering Rate on the Sync Pair Scout screen before using the feature.
  • This sync pair scout is available using paid gems only.
  • The time period and featured content are subject to change without notice.

We hope you continue to enjoy Pokémon Masters EX.

  • Pokémon Masters EX
  • Genre: Strategy and battling game
  • Compatible OS: iOS/Android
  • Price: Free-to-start (purchasable in-game items)