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About the
Legendary Arena

About the Legendary Arena

Legendary Arena Info

The Legendary Arena is a special battle area where you can form multiple teams and take on the challenge using a set number of sync pairs.
Each difficulty level has a maximum number of sync pairs that can participate. Sync pairs that have already participated cannot do so again until the challenge has been reset.

About the Legendary Arena

The Legendary Arena features multiple difficulty levels. Completing a lower difficulty will allow you to attempt the next one.
You can earn rewards by dealing a certain amount of damage to a boss during battle, as well as by completing missions.
See if you can complete all of the difficulty levels!

Carried-Over Opponent Stats

In the Legendary Arena, your opponent’s remaining HP and status conditions, etc. are carried over until the challenge is reset.
A boss’s attack patterns and other moves will change after you deal a certain amount of damage to them.

Special Parameters

There are special parameters for every battle in the Legendary Arena. These special parameters can be found on the Area Details screen.

Arena Rewards

Arena rewards can be obtained from the Legendary Arena and can be viewed by tapping the Arena Rewards icon. Medals and damage rewards are obtainable as arena rewards.


You can acquire them by completing the specified missions.

Damage Rewards

These can be acquired by dealing a certain amount of damage to a boss. Damage rewards are comprised of first-time rewards and battle rewards.
First-time rewards can only be acquired once. Battle rewards can be acquired after each reset.

Mission Completion Rewards

You are rewarded for completing all the missions in the Legendary Arena.
Check the Missions screen to learn more!


Once you have started a Legendary Arena challenge, you cannot attempt any others until the challenge is reset.
The information below is reset.

  • Current challenge status
  • Ally participation count
  • Your opponent’s HP and status conditions
  • Damage reward progress

Tap the Reset button to reset.

Auto Reset

Your progress will be automatically reset after a week has elapsed since you last attempted the Legendary Arena.

Quitting / Deleting Interrupted Play Data

Deleting play data from a quit game or interrupted play data in Legendary Arena battles will revert you to your status prior to participating in a battle.


  • To attempt Legendary Arena missions, you must have completed Main Story Chapter 2: Defeat Team Break! (Normal) in single-player.
  • Check out the separate notice for more information about the Legendary Arena challenge period.
  • While Legendary Arena missions will also be displayed on the General missions screen, they cannot be attempted outside of the challenge period.
  • The time period and featured content are subject to change without notice.
  • Pokémon Masters
  • Genre: Strategy and battling game
  • Compatible OS: iOS/Android
  • Price: Free-to-start (purchasable in-game items)