April 25, 2021 at 11:00 p.m. (PT)
A Message from the Pokémon Masters EX Team
(Vol. 20)

A Message from the Pokémon Masters EX Team (Vol. 20)

Greetings, Trainers.

We’re the producers of Pokémon Masters EX, Yu Sasaki and Tetsuya Iguchi, here with a new message for you.

Today, we’ll tell you about updates from late April up to mid-May.

Celebrating Raihan & Duraludon’s Debut with a Present of 3000 Gems

Raihan & Duraludon will make their debut in the sync pair scout on April 27, 2021.
All players will receive a present of 3000 gems that day to celebrate their appearance, so give the sync pair scout a try to see if you can scout them.

Raihan & Duraludon are a strike sync pair that have a passive skill that raises their Attack and Sp. Atk when they enter battle, allowing them to make an impact right away.
Having the powerful Steel-type special move Steel Beam, they can play a big part in the Eternal Rivals event beginning at the same time. Although they take recoil damage when using Steel Beam, a passive skill of theirs will greatly reduce the recoil damage taken. On top of that, unlocking certain tiles on their sync grid will allow Raihan & Duraludon to negate recoil damage entirely, so be sure to make use of their sync grid if you team up with them.
There are also several other sync pairs that can be powered up via their sync grids, so be sure to check them out.

Time Trial Event: Eternal Rivals

The Eternal Rivals Time Trial Event will begin on April 27, 2021.
In Time Trial Events from this point on, event missions will become available periodically, so we hope you try different team combinations to complete these missions.

Also, by doing missions that require you to complete event battles a certain number of times, you’ll unlock more of this event’s story. You can do this no matter how fast your time is in the time trial. So even if you’re new to the game or still getting the hang of battling, we hope you’ll try this event and enjoy the story.

Battle Villa and the Blissful Bonanza!

The Battle Villa and the Blissful Bonanza! will both begin on April 29, 2021.
You can get Lucky Scrolls, Lucky Cookies of each kind, gems, and other valuable items from the events, so we hope you find them useful in strengthening your sync pairs.

Legendary Event: Father or Foe

The Father or Foe Legendary Event begins on May 3, 2021.

A Trainer named Ghetsis, who is N’s father and new to Pokémon Masters EX, debuts in this event.
In this event’s story, Ghetsis suddenly appears before N, the former king of Team Plasma. What could Ghetsis want with him?

Also on May 3, 2021, Alder & Volcarona will return to the sync pair scout. Alder will appear in this event as well.
After N is shaken by what Ghetsis has to say, he talks it over with Alder. What will N decide? You won’t want to miss it!

Special Event Phase 1: Weather Alert

On May 5, 2021, a new special event called Weather Alert will start.
In this event, sudden abnormal weather conditions are about to bring an unprecedented catastrophe to Pasio.

This event is divided into two phases. The first half of the event will start on May 5, 2021, with the second half scheduled to start in mid-May.
We’re looking forward to players investigating this mysterious weather phenomenon.

New Sync Pairs Coming in a Solo Event

A Solo Event will begin in mid-May. In this event, two new sync pairs from the Galar region will appear, so we hope you look forward to their reveal.

What to Expect in the Next Message

Our next message is scheduled for mid-May. In it, we plan to discuss updates from mid-May to mid-June, including the second phase of our special Weather Alert event.

We’re always working hard to deliver updates and improvements that make the world of Pokémon Masters EX as fun as possible.

We prioritize Trainers’ feedback throughout the development process, so don’t hesitate to let us know what you think.

Until next time, thank you for playing Pokémon Masters EX.

Pokémon Masters EX Producer: Yu Sasaki
Operations Producer: Tetsuya Iguchi

Note: The content mentioned in this message is currently under development. Titles, plans, update content, and update times are all subject to change.

  • Pokémon Masters EX
  • Genre: Strategy and battling game
  • Compatible OS: iOS/Android
  • Price: Free-to-start (purchasable in-game items)