December 23, 2021 at 10:00 p.m. (PT)
A Message from the Pokémon Masters EX Team
(Vol. 28)

A Message from the Pokémon Masters EX Team (Vol. 28)

Greetings, Trainers.

We’re the producers of Pokémon Masters EX, Yu Sasaki and Tetsuya Iguchi, here with a new message for you.

Today, we’ll focus on details about new Sync Pairs, the Legendary Gauntlet, and an update related to the game’s background music.

Tomorrow is Pokémon Masters Day!

For tomorrow’s Pokémon Masters Day, we’d like to do something a little special with a snowy theme.

Just like last time, we have various festivities prepared, including a special present from Pikachu, battles that offer amazing rewards, and the Happy Scout, which can be used only once for 25 gems.

In addition, starting with this Pokémon Masters Day, multiple Sync Pairs will have 6★ EX unlocked, as well as have their Sync Grids unlocked and expanded.

This time, Candice & Abomasnow will have 6★ EX unlocked, and the Sync Grids for Candice & Abomasnow, Sophocles & Togedemaru, and Brycen & Cryogonal will be expanded.

Other Sync Pairs will have 6★ EX unlocked and their Sync Grids expanded to coincide with future Pokémon Masters Days, so we hope you look forward to this monthly celebration even more.

The Countdown Log-In Bonus Is Coming!

The Countdown Log-In Bonus will begin on December 26, 2021.

By collecting all of the Log-in Bonuses, you can get 1500 gems, as well as multiple Scout Tickets for guaranteed 5★ sync pairs from various regions.

You can also enjoy special conversations with Sync Pairs in this Log-in Bonus, so we hope you take the time to look back on the past year on Pasio with them.

Villain Event Prelude: Galactic Nightmare Is Coming!

Villain Event Prelude: Galactic Nightmare will begin on December 26, 2021.

This event serves as the prelude to the new Sinnoh Chapter that will begin on January 12, 2022. In it, you can battle Team Galactic and enjoy a short story.

This event includes a battle that can only be completed once per day. By completing it, you can get one 5★ Sinnoh Scout Ticket as a reward each day, so try to complete the battle daily.

Also, at the same time as this event, Sygna Suit Cynthia (Renegade) & Giratina will debut in the Sync Pair Scout as a Master Sync Pair.

They’ll play a big part in both the prelude and the upcoming Sinnoh Chapter, so we hope you look forward to their debut.

Sygna Suit Cynthia (Renegade) & Giratina Debut!

Sygna Suit Cynthia (Renegade) & Giratina

Sygna Suit Cynthia (Renegade) & Giratina are a Ghost-type tech Master Sync Pair from the Sinnoh region.

They’re the first Sync Pair that will be able to utilize the zone field effect, which will be newly added along with their debut. By using their Ghost Wish Move, they can change the field to a Ghost Zone, which powers up Ghost-type attacks by 50%.

Plus, their Move Show Me Your Secrets! lowers their Defense and Sp. Def by one stat rank but also raises their Attack and Sp. Atk by four stat ranks and their critical-hit rate by three stat ranks. This lets them go on the offensive by using their moves Shadow Force and Shadow Ball. Additionally, they can weaken opponents—when they use an attack move, their Sundering 9 Passive Skill can lower the target’s Defense and Sp. Def.

Legendary Gauntlet

The Legendary Gauntlet will begin January 19, 2022.

As we mentioned in a previous message, the Legendary Gauntlet is an event in which you take on multiple Legendary Arena battles to see how many times you can win in a row. You’ll face different Legendary Pokémon each time the event occurs, and your opponents this time will be Entei, Azelf, and Cobalion.

In this extremely challenging event, Sync Pairs that you bring to one battle can’t join the next battles, so the key to success will be training many Sync Pairs, as well as understanding what strategy is needed for each individual Legendary Arena battle. We recommend focusing on training a diverse array of Sync Pairs that could help you get through each battle, such as strike Sync Pairs that can hit each opponent’s weakness and Sync Pairs capable of inflicting status conditions.

Also, the Legendary Gauntlet has unique rewards—you can get one-of-a-kind Lucky Cookies for winning consecutive battles or as Gauntlet Rewards. With these Lucky Cookies, you can learn powerful Lucky Skills, such as Super Powered 3 and Supreme Entry.

In addition to these Lucky Cookies, you can also get a Guaranteed Lucky Cookie 1 item for winning a certain number of battles in a row. This item allows you to learn a particular Lucky Skill guaranteed, with a different Lucky Skill available to learn each time the event occurs. The Guaranteed Lucky Cookie 1 item that you can get this time will let you learn the Head Start 1 Lucky Skill.

Power up as many Sync Pairs you can, stack up victories, and try to earn the rewards!

Background Music Update

As we mentioned in a previous message, an update in late January 2022 will introduce a feature in the Pokémon Center that expands the use of music in the game. This feature is a Jukebox that will allow you to unlock music tracks by meeting certain requirements and then play those tracks as background music in battle—or listen to them freely straight from the Jukebox itself. Music tracks can be unlocked in different ways, such as by collecting certain items or by raising certain Sync Pairs to 6★ EX. We hope you look forward to this feature.

Rallies and Events for the New Year

In addition to what we’ve discussed so far, we have even more Rallies and events planned for the beginning of 2022. We’re going to tell you about them in another message early in the new year, so stay tuned.

We’d like to thank each and every one of you for playing Pokémon Masters EX this year. We’re going to continue to do our best to provide the best possible experience with new features and improvements next year as well, so we hope you continue to enjoy your adventures on Pasio.

What to Expect in the Next Message

Our next message is scheduled for January 1, 2022 JST. In it, we plan to share information about Rallies and events for the beginning of the new year.

We’re always working hard to deliver updates and improvements that make the world of Pokémon Masters EX as fun as possible.

We prioritize Trainers’ feedback throughout the development process, so don’t hesitate to let us know what you think.

Until next time, thank you for playing Pokémon Masters EX.

Pokémon Masters EX Producer: Yu Sasaki
Operations Producer: Tetsuya Iguchi

Note: The content mentioned in this message is currently under development. Titles, plans, update content, and update times are all subject to change.

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  • Genre: Strategy and battling game
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  • Price: Free-to-start (purchasable in-game items)