June 24, 2020 at 10:00 p.m. (PT)
Egg Research Items
Added to the Shop!

Egg research items added to the shop!

Egg research items have been added to the shop.

Note: Changes will be reflected after updating to Ver. 1.11.0 or higher.
The exact time the update becomes available may differ for each player.
Note: Please try again later if the update is not available.

Egg Research Items

Egg research items have been added to the shop.
You can use gems to obtain handy Egg-related items.

Additional Incubator

You can get an additional incubator to hatch Eggs.

Egg Box Expansion

You can expand your Egg Box by 4 slots to store more Eggs.

Eggcelerator Pass

Upon obtaining an Eggcelerator Pass, you have access to a limited-time incubator and the auto-incubate feature for 14 days.

  • Limited-Time Incubator
    You can get a special additional incubator for a limited time.
  • Auto-Incubate
    If all of your incubators are in use, you can select up to 4 Eggs to be placed into incubators automatically once a slot opens up.


  • The Additional Incubator and Egg Box Expansion can only be obtained once.
  • The Eggcelerator Pass can only be used for 14 days from its receipt.
  • You cannot have more than one Eggcelerator Pass at a time. You can purchase another after the current one has expired.
  • If there is a suspension in service due to maintenance, etc. while your Eggcelerator Pass is active, you will not be refunded any gems used to obtain it.

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