August 24, 2022 at 9:00 p.m. (PT)
Trainer Lodge

Trainer Lodge Expeditions

Expedition Details

You can form an Expedition Team to explore the various areas of Pasio and receive Expedition Rewards!
Your Expedition Rewards can be exchanged for various items that can be used for interactions and expeditions, as well as various Upgrade Items.

Forming an Expedition Team

Sync Pairs have Expedition Skills, and adding Sync Pairs to your Expedition Team will boost your team’s Discovery Levels!
Note: You cannot select Sync Pairs that include the Main Character.
Note: You cannot have two or more Sync Pairs that include Trainers with the same name on a single team.
Note: You can check Expedition Skills on the Sync Pair details screen.

Raising Your Discovery Levels

You can earn better Expedition Rewards based on your Discovery Levels!
Your Discovery Levels can be increased with Sync Pairs’ Expedition Skills, with Expedition Items, and by cheering on your team.
Try raising your Discovery Levels in order to get the Expedition Rewards you want!

Using Expedition Items

You can use Expedition Items to raise your team’s Discovery Levels!
Use the necessary Expedition Items to make your expeditions easier!
Note: You can only use one Expedition Item at a time.

Cheering On Your Sync Pairs

You can cheer on Trainers with the Cheer On icon by tapping on them!
All of your Discovery Levels will increase by one while Cheer On is in effect!
Note: The ability to use Cheer On only appears occasionally.
Note: The Cheer On effect will last 12 hours from the time it is activated.

Collecting Expedition Rewards

You can claim the Expedition Rewards your Expedition Team collected by tapping the Claim button!
Also, your Expedition Rewards can include a Rare Cache, which can provide you with additional rewards.
The Expedition Rewards you collect can be exchanged for various rewards at the Lodge Exchange.
Note: Expedition Rewards are found every minute, based on your Discovery Level.
Note: Expedition Rewards will not be found if you have not formed an Expedition Team.
Note: Rewards cannot be found if they exceed the Inventory Limit.

Drop-In Event!

Drop-In Events may happen on rare occasions during your expeditions!
When a Drop-In Event is available, Bonus Event! will be displayed in the upper left corner of the screen.
In addition to showing special animations that you can’t normally see, Drop-In Events also allow you to obtain items from Poké Balls that are displayed on the screen.
Note: The Cheer On effect is not available during Drop-In Events.
Note: Drop-In Events do not affect your Discovery Level.
Note: Some Trainers not included in your Expedition Team may appear during a Drop-In Event.


  • To use the Trainer Lodge, you must have completed Main Story Chapter 1: The More the Merrier (Normal) in single-player.
  • The content is subject to change without notice.
  • Pokémon Masters EX
  • Genre: Strategy and battling game
  • Compatible OS: iOS/Android
  • Price: Free-to-start (purchasable in-game items)